pillsbury dough recipes!

This morning for breakfast I decided to finally use the Pillsbury crescent roll dough and cinnamon roll dough that has been in my fridge for weeks! I didn’t want to just make the basic crescent or cinnamon rolls, so I got creative and instead made veggie egg filled crescent “muffins” and cinnamon roll waffles!

To make the egg filled crescent muffins…


Start by cracking open 5 eggs (for 8 crescent rolls) in a medium sized bowl. Then whisk them together and add 2 tablespoons of milk for creaminess and salt and pepper to taste.


Next, chop up some red pepper, onion, green chili pepper, and cilantro to add in with the eggs!


Whisk in all the veggies to create a colorful egg mixture!


Oil a muffin tin and then place crescent rolls in them, as shown above. Since the crescent rolls is not meant to fit the shape of the muffin tin, you will need to fold some of the edges into each muffin thing.


Then, pour some of the egg mixture (and just a plain egg for one) into each of the crescent rolls, filling it no more than 3/4 full! I overfilled mine, so when it baked it overflew and made a bit of a mess, so make sure to not do the same! Just to be safe, I would also place a flat pan underneath the muffin pan so if any egg overflows, it will land on that pan and not at the bottom of your oven!


Also, if you like feta cheese, I would recommend sprinkling some on here! I get this really creamy feta from a Middle Eastern grocery store near my house, so I just used my hands to crumble some right on! The feta is so soft that when I washed my hands after sprinkling it on the muffins, my hands got moisturized really well!


Here were the finished products!


Then, to make the cinnamon roll waffles I simply used a waffle maker and the cinnamon roll dough! I heated up my waffle maker, buttered both sides of it, and then placed 1 cinnamon roll at a time right in the center of the waffle pan.


I pressed down on the dough, locked the waffle maker, and then flipped it over for about 2-3 minutes on medium-low power.


Right after removing the cinnamon roll waffle from the maker, I used the icing from the Pillsbury package as “syrup” for this “waffle”!


What a fantastic breakfast! It’s more filling than you’d think!


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