California food!

For spring break a couple weeks ago, I traveled with my mom to Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA to tour some colleges (USC, UCLA, Stanford, & UCBerkeley). While I was in California, which I absolutely love, I ate lots of delicious and healthy food that I wanted to share with you! Since I was out of town, I didn’t get a chance to make something, but the unique food I ate there has inspired to learn and teach you how to make something new in a later post!

If you don’t know already, California food is super health-conscious and vegetarian + vegan friendly. My mom is vegetarian, and it was incredibly easy to find options for her to eat!

While we were in California, we stayed in Chino Hills (an hour outside of LA) for a day with our family friends who had a garden of fresh produce growing: lemons, avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, etc.


Our friends told us that lemon trees were in the backyard of literally everyone living in their town and a lot of the time, the lemons weren’t sour, theirs especially. Here are a couple of the lemons that we picked from their lemon tree. We decided to make lemonade out of them and see how different it tasted. The peculiar thing was that the lemons weren’t sour at all! I mean, they smelled like normal lemons (sour), but they were very sweet, they had natural sugars in them!


At Santa Monica Pier, there were lots of people screaming “mangoes! mangoes! come get some mangoes!” My mom and I absolutely love fresh fruits and I knew she was going to buy a bag of some, it just took her awhile to crack and pay the $7 🙂


I got even more fresh fruits into my diet by visiting the EarthBar right in Santa Monica and getting a “Miami Beach” smoothie which had papaya, banana, pineapple, and coconut water. There were a lot of EarthBars and smoothie places in this area and they had fresh smoothies, juices, and cleansing “shots.” Since my mom was feeling sick, she took a ginger shot, which helped clear some of her congestion.


I also took frequent trips to Jamba Juice because there was one literally every block and maybe one in Ohio! I usually got a smoothie from there but after our UCLA tour, I ate an açaí bowl w/ bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and coconut! Açaí bowls are surprisingly filling so this was a great for lunch!


Aside from the the fruit stuff, we also had some hearty food. While in Chino Hills, we tried a waffle place which served sweet waffles, savory waffles, and waffle sandwiches! I decided to try their classic fried chicken & waffle sandwich which was fried chicken, cabbage, and a chili honey sandwiched in a waffle. I had always heard of chicken & waffles, but now I finally got to try it, and I absolutely fell in love with it; it was so delicious.


Here was the veggie option: Roasted mushrooms, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, and a sunny side egg sandwiched between a waffle. It was even more picture perfect than my chicken & waffles.


On our last day in LA, my mom and I went shopping (more like “window shopping” :)) on Rodeo Drive and ate lunch at 208 Rodeo where I had Penne Arabiatta and my mom had Butternut Squash Risotto! It was an amazing lunch to have on a beautiful day outside!


One night in LA, my mom and I also went to a very unique restaurant called “The Stinking Rose!” It was basically a garlic everything restaurant (the stinking rose=garlic) with garlic oil, garlic bread, garlic pasta, and even garlic ice cream (which is shown above)! I tried the ice cream just because it was so unique, but I the garlic flavor and ice cream didn’t go together for me 🙂


In San Francisco, we had lots of vegan options, one of which I have shown above! At True Food Kitchen in the Stanford mall, my mom and I ordered this vegan molten chocolate cake w/ vegan ice cream for dessert!


Our last stop in San Francisco was Ghirardelli Square where we of course got a famous hot fudge brownie sundae! What a way to end our trip 🙂


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