valentine’s day brownies!

This past week for Valentine’s Day I made some chocolate/peanut butter frosted and espresso frosted brownies! Everyone deserves lots and lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, and this is the perfect chocolate dessert to treat your loved ones with! I made them festive by forming little rainbow sprinkle hearts atop each brownie!

To simplify making them, I used Ghirardelli brownie mix but added melted milk chocolate to make the brownies extra decadent and chocolatey!


First, follow the directions and make the basic brownie batter.


Then, melt about a 1 cup of milk chocolate chips (per 1 bag of mix –> I used two cups for two bags of mix) and mix it into the brownie batter. I love swirling them together because they look so pretty 🙂


I baked mine at 350 degrees for 17-20 minutes or until the brownies are almost cooked through because I like them a little underdone and fudgy! If you like them well-done, cook the brownies for 25-30 minutes.


While the brownies cook, make the different icings! To make the espresso icing, I made the same buttercream icing I used for the cinnamon rolls but instead of adding in plain milk, I added in coffee (I just made it from instant coffee powder but you can freshly brew your own coffee!).


Here is the finished espresso icing! Set it aside while you make the other icing.


To make the chocolate/peanut butter “icing,” you simply need to melt 1 cup of milk chocolate chips with 4-5 tablespoons of peanut butter! Make sure to melt them in increments of 30 seconds, remembering to mix in between each to prevent the chocolate from burning!


Once melted, mix the chocolate and peanut butter together until glossy!


Then spread the topping on one pan of brownies until smooth and even.


Place a small heart cookie cutter on the brownies and sprinkle in some rainbow sprinkles to create a rainbow heart on each brownie!


I was able to line 5 x 4 hearts to make 20 rainbow heart brownies!


Repeat this process with the espresso icing! Then, place both pans in the fridge to cool for 10-15 minutes before cutting. It will be difficult to cut them if the icing is too liquidated because the sprinkles will mix into the icing!


Once cooled, cut the brownies as shown above, with one heart per brownie!


Enjoy and deliver to your loved ones! I served these to my mom for dessert on Valentine’s Day and then delivered a couple over to some of my best friends! I promise they will love you forever if you give them these 🙂


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